Tribunal Rules and Procedures

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Rules of Procedure

These Rules govern all proceedings before the Tribunal under the Canadian Human Rights Act where the complaint was referred to the Tribunal AFTER APRIL 30, 2004

Evaluative Mediation Procedures (Dec 13, 2010)

Parties to a proceeding before the Tribunal have the option of trying to resolve their case through evaluative mediation. This document is intended to explain the evaluative mediation process used by the Tribunal, to assist parties in deciding whether or not they wish to participate in evaluative mediation, and to help them prepare for evaluative mediation.

Mediation-Adjudication Fact Sheet & Consent Agreement

Where mediation conducted by a Tribunal Member does not result in a settlement, parties may request that the same Tribunal Member preside over the hearing. This fact sheet explains the Mediation-Adjudication process, its potential benefits, and provides a MED-ADJ Consent and Request Form to allow parties’ participation in this process.

Guide to the Operations of the Employment Equity Review Tribunal

The Guide provides general information on the structure, role and functions of the EERT.

Book of Jurisprudence

The book of jurisprudence contains a list of cases most often referred to in hearings before the Tribunal.


Practice Notes

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Practice Note No. 1 — Timeliness of Hearings and Decisions   

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Practice Note No. 2 — Representation of Parties by Non-Lawyers   

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Practice Note No. 3— Case Management